Cool for the Summer!

An outdoor shower is an quick and efficient project!


Here are our Top 5 Reasons for an outdoor shower:

  1. Easy Pool/Hot Tub Cleanup. Make the experience of getting in and out a bit easier. No more dripping water through the house
  2. The kids love them. Rinse them off and leave the muck outside. An outdoor shower allows for warm water too. No more shivers. 
  3. Convenient dog-cleaning spot. Rinse the paws and keep your floors indoors clean. 
  4. Cool down on a hot day. After a run or yardwork, a quick rinse in the outdoor shower is all you need to feel refreshed. 
  5. Resort-like experience. An oversized rain shower head will give you a sense of tranquility.

Can you think more ways to enjoy an outdoor shower?


Give us a call at 936-539-9431 and let's get started on your next Summer project!


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