Dream Home

Featured: Jose and Mary's Home Kitchen Remodeled by TileWorks of Conroe. 

Discover the home you've been dreaming of and make it happen this year!


Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The kitchen is known as the Heart of the Home and where most of the family spends their time. This year let's focus on making it family-friendly and efficient. 


  1. Create an inclusive and inviting feel with a single-level island. Large kitchen islands expand your food prep area and can serve as a casual dining area.


  1. Custom cabinetry with the kids and grandkids in mind. Give them easy access to their dishware or a unique area to store their craft supplies.


  1. Porcelain and ceramic wood(like) floors keep the cozy look of the Hardwood floors without the hassle of maintenance and extra costs. From rustic chic to modern sleek, there are options for every style at affordable prices. 


The bathroom should be a safe and clean area for yourself and guests throughout the year. 


  1. Get rid of the slippery tub with a walk-in shower conversion.

Low Cost Option: Install safety grab bars


  1. Upgrade the countertop and sink for a new and fresh look.

Low Cost Option: Install new hardware and light fixtures


  1. Custom cabinets will eliminate clutter on the counter and create much needed storage.

Low Cost Option: Paint existing cabinet



*TileWorks of Conroe provides all the above services and more. Contact us today and let's get started on your project. 



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